Brookhaven Pub & Grill to Upgrade and Improve their Customer Experience without Losing that Brookhaven Pub Feel

After 15 years, owners Rick and Christy Spell will give Brookhaven Pub & Grill a new look. S Berry Jones Architects is designing the project and managing the renovation. Work will start early in 2018 with little or no service downtime. Architect Berry Jones says: “We want to make customers feel like they are outside without the inconvenience of the unpleasant weather elements we sometimes experience in Memphis." With that in mind, look at the improvements to be made.

The existing outdoor deck canopy will have a new vaulted, permanent roof structure to cover the deck. The Covered Porch will feature multiple Roll Up Glass “Garage Doors” to open the entire north wall to the outside deck. There will be decorative concrete in place of the existing wood deck floors and will include a radiant heat system to keep customers comfortable on chilly days in an energy efficient way.

Architect Jones says, “Patrons will not even realize why they are experiencing warmth but they will be warm and without forced air delivery systems like most conventional HVAC systems. With radiant heat the warmth is transferred directly from the source to the body invisibly – it’s like magic!”

The outdoor deck areas will be upgraded to new IPE, a sustainable Brazilian wood, which is high end, long lasting deck material. Custom Ornamental Iron Handrails have been designed by S Berry Jones Architects and will enhance and soften the transition from the outside deck to the adjacent parking lot. Landscaping will be added along the deck boundary to further screen the cars.

As if that wasn't enough, other improvements in the works include upgrades to the bar, game area and the kitchen which will be expanded and upgraded with new hood, cooking line and equipment.

Come in and watch the progress of one of your favorite Memphis haunts. Help us celebrate our progress as we make an already great space even better.